Grandparents of Ted Thatcher

Hope in a Bright Future

“You can only order off of this section right here” My grandmother said as she gestured to a menu while she looked at each one of us around the table. An uncomfortable feeling set in over what was supposed to be a celebration dinner for my grandfather’s retirement. Instead of a celebration of what he had achieved throughout his career, his retirement dinner ended up highlighting what he had not put in place – a retirement plan. Despite the excitement of my grandfather’s retirement and the gravity of my grandmother’s personality being a deep joy, happiness, and love, she sat there at that dinner table not focused on her husband of over forty years but on a single question: “Are we going to have enough?”
Fortunately, that is not how their story ended. The umbrella of uncertainty we all felt that evening set my grandparents on a journey to ensure that the next time we were all together, celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, or whatever it may have been, that the only thing anyone might worry about was making sure whoever was supposed to be celebrated that day, felt celebrated that day.
At Bright Lake, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to Hope In a Bright Future.

What does the future hold?

Here at Bright Lake we are passionate about helping individuals retire with confidence and that is represented in our goals for the future. We believe a business with a vision will help carry our clients into future. These are a few goals we have set to help our clients see where we are headed and the hope we have as a company in our our bright future:
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