Client Support Specialist

Jake Thatcher

About Jake Thatcher

As a Client Specialist at Bright Lake, Jacob brings a compelling blend of personal background and professional knowledge to his role. Originally from Indiana and shaped by the values of a close-knit family, he has honed his passion for finances. He devoted himself to his studies at a young age, and went on to graduate valedictorian of his high school class. An extrovert at heart, he’ll never pass up an opportunity to get together with friends, take a last-minute trip, or try something new. He understands the importance of balance and harmony, traits that reflect in his approach to client relationships, as well as within our team. In his professional career over the past twelve years, he has learned that he thrives on the intricacies of operations, customer service, and project execution. He is passionate about creating a seamless process for our clients to ensure they are well taken care of during each step of their retirement journey. Outside of the office, he cherishes time with his fiancée and draws inspiration from his family and community. 


Traveling, hiking, athletics, spending time outdoors with my two fur babies


9 years serving as a Project Manager, Executive Assistant, and Regional Operations Manager at Dutch Bros. Coffee

Favorite Quote:

“A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit” – Greek Proverb