Client Support Specialist

Elli French

About Elli French

Elli was born and raised in South East, England. Being the adventurer she is, at only 18 years old she decided to attend college for a year in Northern California. She is now married and living here with her husband and 3 children. After 10 years of experience in Operation Management, she made the leap to work full-time in Marketing here at Bright Lake Wealth. You will find her enjoying the sunshine, going on a walks with a Starbucks, and traveling with her family. She is happy, positive, determined, and always willing to put in the work to succeed.


Traveling, Makeup, Reading


10 years of experience as a business owner and operations manager with a focus on employee management and systems development. 

Favorite Quote:

“They days are long but the years are short” -Gretchen Rubin-